Sydney City Celebrants

Ray & Jill  Standen



Being a Member of Toastmasters International, as well as a Radio Announcer on 100.3fm

You can imagine that I love to talk.

We offer our Public Speaking expertise to add that Professionalism to your event.

Conducting Master Of Ceremonies role is a little more involved than telling a few jokes or introducing the next speaker.

There are some Master Of Ceremonies who believe they are the paid comedian for the evening.

I believe it is my duty to coordinate the evening in accordance with your wishes and be of service to you both

throughout the entire reception.

This means co-ordinating with your Venue on such things as Scheduling. Meal Service. Time Sensitivity. 

As well as being certain there is adequate time for everyone to take their place at the Lectern.

Juggling between you other vendors, such as, Your Photographers, Videographers & staying on top of your Music Providers.

Also if there is to be any additional entertainment on the evening. 

This all requires the services of a Professional Master Of Ceremonies.

I could go on for hours writing about the importance of engaging the correct Master Of Ceremonies for your event.

Ultimately though. It is your choice.

Let's have a chat about your requirements in this area.